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Lonesome at CBK

Lonesome is a video installation that is exhibited first march 2015 at Sign and July 2015
it is situated in CBK. It shows a video installation about interaction, socialization and
loneliness. It is a visualization of my search in to what loneliness is.

Lonesome is a video installation on the theme of loneliness. The installation is an
imagination of my research on loneliness. A compilation of collages related to my
interpretation of loneliness, stories about what the term alone means and interviews
about loneliness.

The installation presents what loneliness means in my immediate surroundings. Loneliness in the comfort of
the Netherlands, Groningen. Not like everyone always assumes the loneliness of the elderly but adults.

The collages are a part of my daily life.
A representation of how I felt on that day, what I experienced or what impressed me, a kind of diary.
These images have emotional links to my personal loneliness.

July 2015