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Morning mist from a moving car

made in 2008

(work 1 of 6)

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Light and movement

made in 2009

(work 2 of 6)

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made 2010

(work 3 of 6)

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Inject your own aids

A recording of a Processing program
that shows an animated blood stream in a vein.

When you hover over the vein an injection needle
appears and when you click, a disease is injected
into the vein which will slowly start spreading,
eventually covering the complete vein.

In the background a heart beat can be heard,
the heart beat will increase as the disease
is spreading through the vein.

made in 2011

(work 4 of 6)

Culturele zondag in Groningen

Collaboration project between Martijn van Bachum, Kleopatra Nikolaou and me.

May 12, 2013

(work 5 of 6)

Ronny the crying cactus

Ronny is an impressive, large, rocker, with a wild beard. Ronny got training in shopping till his sixteenth,
because he finds people scary. One day in a shop a little girl tugged at his pants and called him dad.
When she saw that Ronny was not her father she began to cry, Ronny was so shocked that he started to cry with her.

(work 6 of 6)