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Performance anxiety

A one minute movie about performance anxiety, animated in Flash.

made in 2010

(work 1 of 10)

Inject your own aids

A recording of a Processing program
that shows an animated blood stream in a vein.

When you hover over the vein an injection needle
appears and when you click, a disease is injected
into the vein which will slowly start spreading,
eventually covering the complete vein.

In the background a heart beat can be heard,
the heart beat will increase as the disease
is spreading through the vein.

made in 2011

(work 2 of 10)

Caravan Palace

For a school project we made a music video.
The assignment was to make a happy music video.

A school project in collaboration with Anne, Brenda and Wiebke.

made in 2011

(work 3 of 10)

Interactive trash

In the trashcan are sensors that detect where the waste is thrown down.
So if you drop something left it wil show left, if you drop it right it wil fall right.
This allows you to play games like Four in a Row.

The color of newly dropped balls changes according to the hour of day so you can
see at which time someone dropped something into the trashcan.

Also very handy: if you connect to a network you can send a signal that
specifies that the bin is full.

made in 2011

(work 4 of 10)

Night train to Lisabon

A trailer for the film adaptation of "Night train to Lisbon"

made in 2010

(work 5 of 10)

Facial recognition within the autistic spectrum

My graduation exhibition at Minerva: interactive object.

People with autism percieve differently than people without autism.
If we look at a face we see the eyes first and then the mouth. People with autism look
first at the hairline, and then the ears, nose, eyes and the mouth. Given the amount of
information they receive the emotions are more difficult to recognize than when you
only focus on the eyes and mouth. With this project I want to show how people with
autism recognize faces.

made in 2012

(work 6 of 10)


Collaboration project between FMI and Crew

When you use the bol-scan you can see the six people standing in a row. there are two
versions of the interactive film. In the first one you can see them stand in all around
you and Jordan starts talking the other people stand and wait. You can see them and
lissen to Jordan, when Jordan is finished he leaves and you can hear and see the
other person talking, in the meentime you can see all the other persons aswell. When
you want to see who's talking you can hear wich way to look, because the sound is
directed to the person talking. In the second interactive film all the people tell the story
at the same time. You can chose who you want to listen to by turning the bol-scan to
the person you want to lissen to.

made in 2012

(work 7 of 10)

Rotterdam Viert de Stad! test

In January 2016 at the Patching Zone we started a new project, in collaboration with
ProArtDesign (and of course Zadkine). ProArtDesign asked us to make short
animations on line based images for the project: Rotterdam Viert De Stad!
(Rotterdam Celebrates The City!)

In this rough sketch video you can see how my images will look.

(work 8 of 10)


Lonesome is a video installation that is exhibited first march 2015 at Sign and July 2015
it is situated in CBK. It shows a video installation about interaction, socialization and
loneliness. It is a visualization of my search in to what loneliness is.

Lonesome is a video installation on the theme of loneliness. The installation is an
imagination of my research on loneliness. A compilation of collages related to my
interpretation of loneliness, stories about what the term alone means and interviews
about loneliness.

The installation presents what loneliness means in my immediate surroundings.
Loneliness in the comfort of the Netherlands, Groningen. And not like everyone
always assumes the loneliness of the elderly but adults.

The collages are a part of my daily life. A representation of how I felt on that day, what I
experienced or what impressed me, a kind of diary. These images have emotional
links to my personal loneliness.


(work 9 of 10)

Tutorial Illustrator

(work 10 of 10)