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Digital calendar

A digital calendar, created as a webapp which also works in offline mode.
Check out jadethomson.com/agenda

made in 2011

(work 1 of 5)

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My website

made in 2009

(work 2 of 5)

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The new website for Bonobos

During my internship at Bonobos they asked me to design a website for Bonobos.nl
which shows the playfulness, cheekiness but also the quality and seriousness of the company.

made in 2012

(work 3 of 5)

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Tekenen voor Vrede

Sinds march 2012 I've been working on the design of a lesmethode.
My work exist out of the design of the primairy, posters, flyers, the website and a game.

The lesmethode is an initaive by Hanna Ten Zijthoff and Gabrielle Berendt two HVO
teachers, and is sponsored and publisched by Humanistischvredesberaad.

When Hanna and Gabi started this worthy cause they had childeren with the age of 10 till
13 in there mind. This project is an international project about the freedom of a child. It
carries the name "Tekenen voor vrede" (drawing for Peace). In this lesmethode are games
to make the children aware of the meaning of freedom.

made in 2012

(work 4 of 5)

(permanent link)

The new website for Tekenen Voor Vrede

Tekenen Voor Vrede and Humanistischvredesberaad asked me to design the website or Tekenen Voor Vrede.

I have designed the layout but I have not converted the layout of the website,
and have nothing to do with the maintenance of the website.

made in 2012

(work 5 of 5)

(permanent link)